How to add wireless configuration support to SCCM

first_imgSCCM allows the right click menu items in the SCCM console to be customized.  We utilized this capability to demonstrate how configuration of custom AMT support could be added to SCCM.  Since SCCM SP1 does not support wireless AMT configuration, we added some basic support for this to the SCCM menu system. The attached zip contains files that show how to add right click menu items to Altiris, how to make wireless configuration scripts and how to use both of these capabilities to embed wireless AMT configuration support directly into SCCM. This package is intended as a demonstration only. This package contains the following components:1.             Genscript: This utility creates a VB script that pushes wireless profiles, certificates and AMT configuration data to an arbitrary client.  The Genscript utility and user guide are included in this package. The latest version can be found here:             XML files: For the demonstration, there are two XMLs needed: vpro_client.xml and vpro_colleciton.xml.  One pushes settings to an entire collection and the other pushes settings to a single member. The single member XML file calls push.vbs directly.  The collection XML calls gp_exe.vbs which calls push.vbs on all the collection members.3.             Wireless configuration script generated by Genscript: This script is executed with the client’s hostname and domain name as command line arguments.  It conducts certificate requests, configures the client with those certificates and configures a wireless AMT profile.  For details on Genscript and how to use it to generate wireless configuration scripts refer.4.             Push.vbs: This script takes a hostname as a command line argument and calls a wireless configuration script. The name of this script is hard coded in push.vbs along with the domain suffix to use.  For simplicity I hard coded which wireless configuration script to use. By default, this script is hard coded as vpro_config_update.vbs.5.             Gp_exe.vbs: This script calls push.vbs for all the members of a particular collection. It is based on the sms_ping.vbs script.  It takes the target collection as a command line argument and then calls push.vbs for each hostname.6.             Add_to_Collection.vbs – This script adds a client instance to a particular collection.  It is used to populate a ‘Push Failed’ collection with client instances for clients that fail a wireless settings push. The collection ID for the destination collection is hard coded in the script.7.             Delete from Collection.vbs – This script removes client instances from a particular collection. It is used to remove client instances from the ‘Push Failed’ collection when a wireless settings push succeeds for that client.8.             Clear_collection.vbs – This script clears the contents of a given collection.  It is useful for clearing the ‘Push Failed’ collection.last_img

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