Squid Could Unlock Key to Military Invisibility

first_img“They make color sort of the way soap bubbles do … but the neat thing about it is they can actively control it,” Duke associate professor Sonke Johnsen told AOL, adding that squid could “probably play a television show on their backs, if their brains were big enough.” Military scientists have had no shortage of inspiration. Whenever they’ve run out of options in the labs, they’ve done best to take a look at the world around them. The latest key to unlocking a tough to crack secret may, in fact, come from under the sea.Researchers employed by the US Navy are looking to the humble squid for helping in discovering the key to the holy grail of invisibility. The Navy has plunked down $5 million for scientists at Duke University to study the color shifting properties of the mollusk. Here’s a bit from one of the team’s studies,The systems evolved by marine animals in order to hunt, hide and mate over hundreds of million years surpass our contemporary engineering designs for underwater vehicles. The impact will hopefully affect all branches of the armed forces that have aquatic missions. This includes Special Forces, mine hunting vehicles, the submarine community and a newest generation of underwater vehicles that could all benefit from the option of ‘stealth.’last_img

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