Naked Full Body Scans Hit Web

first_imgHey check it out–lots of naked people on the Internet. Nowthere’s something you don’t see every day. But here’s the rub: these are quitepossibly the least sexy naked shots you’ve ever seen on the Internet. And thereare 100 of them.They were pulled from Brijot Imaging Systems’ Gen 2millimeter wave scanner in an Orlando, Floridacourthouse. The images were reportedly gathered via a Freedom of Informationrequest. It turns out that the images were being improperly stored on thedevice–once scanned, the images on the machine are supposed to be deleted.AdChoices广告So, why should you care about a bunch of unflattering nakedimages of people in a Floridacourthouse? Well, this is a similar imaging technology being implemented inairports across the country. And it’s proof that such images can, in fact, bestored and latter disseminated.The images presented here are particularly low-res, butagain, they do present a important problem with this technology–nothing here isquite so ethereal as we were lead to believe…last_img

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