India vs Sri Lanka, 1st Test, Day 4 Highlights: How Dhawan, Rahul dominated Sri Lanka bowlers to give India lead

first_imgShikhar Dhawan scored 94 while KL Rahul was unbeaten on 71 as India took an all important 49-run lead in the opening Test vs Sri Lanka at the Eden Gardens in Kolkata. (SCORECARD)India 2nd Innings:End of day’s play. An entertaining day of Test cricket comes to an end. Sri Lanka 294, #TeamIndia 171/1 in the 2nd innings. S Dhawan 94, KL Rahul 73*, Pujara 2* #INDvSL BCCI (@BCCI) November 19, 201716:32 IST: STUMPS! The umpires get together again. AND THE PLAYERS WALK OFF DUE TO BAD LIGHT. Almost opposite scenes as compared to yesterday. Sri Lanka wanted to go off, while Kohli wanted to be on the field. Now, Chandimal wants more balls to be bowled to the new batsman but India are happy to be spending some time in the dressing room. India 172 and 171/1, lead Sri Lanka (294) by 49 runs16:17 IST: WICKET! 37.1: D Shanaka to Dhawan. There is a nick! Dhawan misses out on a ton. What a decision from Nigel Llong. Hardly was there any noise. That too with the crowd making so much noise. A length ball outside off, Dhawan comes down the track and swings hard but misses. Dickwella collects and appeals while Shanaka seems to be certain he has his man. Llong raises his finger and now Dhawan takes the review. Snikcometer shows a spike. So India lose a review. Perhaps Dhawan might not have felt the nick. Well played though. India 172 and 166/1, lead Sri Lanka (294) by 44 runs1st Test. 36.1: MDK Perera to S Dhawan (92), 4 runs, 163/0 #IndvSL #TeamIndia @Paytmadvertisement- BCCI (@BCCI) November 19, 201715:55 IST: 31.6: L Gamage to S Dhawan, FOUR! CRASH! Literally toying. Short and down the leg side, Dhawan pulls it to the fine leg fence! 12 from the over, 23 off the last 2! 150 PARTNERSHIP COMES UP. The lead is now 30.15:54 IST: 31.5: L Gamage to Dhawan, FOUR! Excellent batting. A short ball again, around middle, pulled through square leg all along the ground for a boundary! Moves to 81 from 99 balls. His 9th boundary!1st Test. 30.5: R Herath to S Dhawan (73), 6 runs, 139/0 #IndvSL #TeamIndia @Paytm- BCCI (@BCCI) November 19, 201715:37 IST: 28.6: R Herath to Dhawan, SIX! What a way to erase the deficit and get into the lead! Herath tosses it around middle and leg, Dhawan, for the umpteenth time, makes use of his feet to get to the pitch of the ball and smashes it high and handsome over long on for half a dozen. The first of the innings. INDIA LEAD BY 4!4th Test 50 for @SDhawan25 #INDvSL BCCI (@BCCI) November 19, 20171st Test. 26.5: R Herath to S Dhawan (55), 4 runs, 116/0 #IndvSL #TeamIndia @Paytm- BCCI (@BCCI) November 19, 201715:25 IST: FIFTY! 25.5: D Perera to Dhawan. Even he has rectified for the first innings failure and is looking good for more. He has looked assured with his footwork and has been cautious with his off side play. This ball – flicked away to deep mid-wicket for a run.1st Test. 25.1: MDK Perera to S Dhawan (48), 4 runs, 107/0 #IndvSL #TeamIndia @Paytm- BCCI (@BCCI) November 19, 2017FIFTY! @klrahul11 celebrates as he brings up his 10th Test 50 #INDvSL BCCI (@BCCI) November 19, 201715:01 IST: 20.2: S Lakmal to S Dhawan, FOUR. Now Dhawan gets into the act. Lakmal offers him width from round the wicket, Dhawan is too good to miss out. Cuts it past a diving backward point for a boundary. The trail is down to 28 now.14.59 IST: Perera to Rahul, FOUR! Now the confidence is glaringly visible. Time and again he has talked about taking a liking to the spinners and with this shot he has just walked the talk. Uses his feet to get to the pitch of the ball and drives it all along the ground through the covers for a boundary. Good to see.1st Test. 19.6: MDK Perera to L Rahul (54), 4 runs, 90/0 #IndvSL #TeamIndia @Paytm- BCCI (@BCCI) November 19, 201714.58 IST: FIFTY! Perera to Rahul, There it is. 9th fifty for KL Rahul in his last 11 innings. Gets to his 10th Test fifty with a flick towards deep mid-wicket. He has really looked good. Controlled shots and not getting carried away is the key.14.54 IST: Lakmal to Rahul, FOUR! Irony! If Rahul was in absolute control of the previous shot, here he is absolutely lucky. Lakmal bowls a straighter line and lands it on a length around off. Rahul’s feet go nowhere as he pushes at that from the crease. Fortunately, the inside edge on this occasion takes the ball quickly to the fine leg fence and not onto the stumps.advertisement1st Test. 18.4: S Lakmal to L Rahul (49), 4 runs, 83/0 #IndvSL #TeamIndia @Paytm- BCCI (@BCCI) November 19, 201714.53 IST: Lakmal to Rahul, FOUR! He just looks fluid, says Harsha Bhogle on air. That is as apt as it gets. If you see this shot, you’d imagine a liquid flowing on the surface of a table. Fuller outside off, Rahul nicely leans into that and drives it through covers. Gets the result that he desires – a boundary.1st Test. 18.3: S Lakmal to L Rahul (45), 4 runs, 79/0 #IndvSL #TeamIndia @Paytm- BCCI (@BCCI) November 19, 201714.50 IST: Perera to Rahul, FOUR! Take all the time in the world to set your field, if the bowling is not in the right areas, runs will flow freely. Perera overpitches this outside off, Rahul leans forward and drives it past covers for a boundary.1st Test. 17.1: MDK Perera to L Rahul (40), 4 runs, 74/0 #IndvSL #TeamIndia @Paytm- BCCI (@BCCI) November 19, 201714.48 IST: The men concerned make their way out to the middle. Rahul and Dhawan stride out refreshed due to the break. The former has got a life courtesy a tough caught and bowled chance that went down off Gamage’s bowling. Wickets, wickets and only wickets would be in the visitors’ minds. The hosts would want a wicketless hour as a stepping block to a clean session. Dilruwan Perera to begin proceedings in this session, with a slip and a short mid on in place. A mid-wicket is in place too.At Tea on Day 4 – India (172 & 70/0), trail Sri Lanka (294) by 52 runs #INDvSL BCCI (@BCCI) November 19, 201714:28 IST: TEA!1st Test. 11.6: L Gamage to S Dhawan (25), 4 runs, 48/0 #IndvSL #TeamIndia @Paytm- BCCI (@BCCI) November 19, 201713:59 IST: DROPPED! 11.2: Gamage to Rahul. A tough one you have to admit as it was in the followthrough. Gamage bowls it full around off, Rahul drives it back aerially. Gamage gets his right hand out but fails to catch that. Parries it towards mid off. India 172, 43/0 (11.2 overs) vs Sri Lanka 2941st Test. 10.6: D Shanaka to S Dhawan (21), 4 runs, 43/0 #IndvSL #TeamIndia @Paytm- BCCI (@BCCI) November 19, 201713:40 IST: 7.4: L Gamage to Rahul, FOUR! Rahul looks elegant when he gets going. Gamage hurls it on a length outside off, the batsman gets nicely forward and drives it through point for a boundary.1st Test. 3.5: L Gamage to S Dhawan (8), 4 runs, 22/0 #IndvSL #TeamIndia @Paytm- BCCI (@BCCI) November 19, 201713:16 IST: 2.5: S Lakmal to Dhawan, FOUR! Shikhar Dhawan gets going with a boundary now. Lakmal serves it on a fuller length outside off, the southpaw gets a stride forward and drives it through covers. The fielder there gives a valiant chase but comes second best.1st Test. 1.6: L Gamage to L Rahul (13), 4 runs, 13/0 #IndvSL #TeamIndia @Paytm- BCCI (@BCCI) November 19, 201713:10 IST: 1.3: L Gamage to Rahul, FOUR. And another one. Two-in-two. Gamage, in search of some swing, bowls it full again around off. Rahul just times his push past mid off perfectly. There was no one manning that area and a boundary results.advertisement13:09 IST: 1.2: L Gamage to L Rahul, FOUR! This is what a full-flow Rahul can do. Play classical shots and get runs. Overpitched outside off, KL leans into it and drives it classically through covers.13:05 IST: 0.4: S Lakmal to Rahul, Rahul is off the mark and off the pair! He taps this in front of point to set off and complete a run that’ll get him going.Sri Lanka 1st Innings:Innings Break – Sri Lanka finish their first innings on 294 with a lead of 122 runs #INDvSL BCCI (@BCCI) November 19, 201712:52 IST: SRI LANKA ALL OUT! 83.4: M Shami to Lakmal, OUT! Knocked him over! The Lankan innings ends at least. Not surprising as to what happened with Lakmal. He had complete freedom to try and get a century in 30 balls and he was going after everything. The ball was slightly short of full and outside off. Lakmal through his bat at it but his feet were stuck in cement. Normally the feet should move, unless you have luck like Herath’s. Else, the ball generally tends to either beat the edge or take it. This time it went off the inside edge and knocked the off pole. SRI LANKA LEAD BY 122!12:47 IST: WICKET! 82.3: B Kumar to Herath, OUT c Mohammed Shami b Bhuvneshwar Kumar. Sri Lanka have lost their ninth wicket. Sri Lanka 290/9 (82.3 overs), lead India (172) by 118 runs1st Test. 79.2: U Yadav to R Herath (54), 4 runs, 277/8 #IndvSL #TeamIndia @Paytm- BCCI (@BCCI) November 19, 201712:25 IST: FIFTY! 77.3: U Yadav to Herath, FOUR! Third Test half-century for Herath. This could be one of his most important knocks. Sri Lanka 272/8 (77.4 overs), lead India (172) by 100 runs12:20 IST: 76.1: R Ashwin to Lakmal, Untidy. He got what he wanted and could have had Lakmal on strike for the entire over. He has no one but himself to blame. Ashwin flights this outside off, invites Lakmal to have a go at him, the latter dances, accepts the invitation and blasts the ball. It goes straight back to the bowler but he lets it through his legs. Wrings his hand in pain. A single gets Lakmal off strike.12:14 IST: 74.4: R Ashwin to Herath, An LBW appeal now but it dies down almost instantly. Full and around off, Herath comes forward to defend but gets hit on the pads. Might have been an inside edge.12:12 IST: The players are back out in the middle. It will be RAVICHANDRAN ASHWIN to continue after Lunch. Herath to face.12:12 IST: Welcome back after a fine opening session. There was aggression, some drama and then a counter-punch. All that has seen Sri Lanka take the momentum away from India and in likelihood, steered themselves to safety. Hard to see them losing from here unless they collapse very badly in the fourth innings. On the other hand, if they add another 40-50 runs, they could start dreaming about that rare Test win in India.At Lunch on Day 4 of the 1st Test, Sri Lanka 263/8, lead India (172) by 91 runs #INDvSL BCCI (@BCCI) November 19, 201711:36 IST: LUNCH! What an exciting session of play! 28.2 overs, 98/4. Sri Lanka have managed to gain some ascendancy in this match. The momentum has been swinging like a pendulum but as of now, they will be the happier side heading into the break. Sri Lanka 263/8 at lunch, lead India (172) by 91 runs1st Test. 73.5: U Yadav to S Lakmal (10), 4 runs, 263/8 #IndvSL #TeamIndia @Paytm- BCCI (@BCCI) November 19, 201711:35 IST: 73.1: U Yadav to R Herath, FOUR. Lucky Herath again. Short and wide outside off, Herath flashes hard but gets a top edge. Luckily for him, it flies over the slips to the third man fence.11:34 IST: 72.5: Ashwin to Lakmal, LBW appeal! Turned down. Lakmal looks to defend this flighted ball around middle but misses. Is pinged on the pads and India put in a stifled appeal but the umpire stays put. Going down leg perhaps.1st Test. 73.1: U Yadav to R Herath (42), 4 runs, 258/8 #IndvSL #TeamIndia @Paytm- BCCI (@BCCI) November 19, 20171st Test. 71.4: B Kumar to S Lakmal (5), 4 runs, 253/8 #IndvSL #TeamIndia @Paytm- BCCI (@BCCI) November 19, 201711:12 IST: 69.2: B Kumar to R Herath, RUN OUT CHANCE MISSED! Herath continues his charmed life. A couple of events on this ball. First he gets a short ball which has not been troubling him at all this innings. Pulls it comfortably through mid-wicket and all the way through, it seems like a boundary is written all over it. However, Ravindra Jadeja chases it like a cheetah chasing its prey, from mid-wicket to his right. He sticks out his right hand and then pushes the ball away. Gets across the boundary rope and then recovers to come back in. Picks the ball up and has a rocket-like shy at the striker’s end. Poor Rangana, he is just halfway through for the second run when the throw is coming in. The keeper gets ready for the catch and Herath seems to be a goner. But Saha fumbles. Jadeja is furious.11:10 IST: SURANGA LAKMAL walks in at number 10, replacing Dilruwan. 20 minutes to go for the scheduled lunch break. 10 minutes of Lankan batting will ensure India do not bat before the break. Can the Lankans take the lead to 100?11:09 IST: 68.6: Shami to Perera, OUT! Caught behind! That is a jaffa. Could have got out any quality batsman.11:04 IST: 67.6: B Kumar to Perera, STOP THE PRESS. Dilruwan scores. He faced 13 dots on the trot before this. Moves to 3 from 31 balls now. Dogged effort. Outside off, steered behind point for a single.10:50 IST: 64.6: M Shami to Herath, LBW appeal, turned down. Pitched outside leg, Herath misses his flick. Shami puts in an appeal but when Kohli asks about the review, shakes his head. 8 from that over…10:49 IST: 64.5: M Shami to Herath, FOUR! Outstanding timing! A full toss, swinging in from outside off, Herath does two things in one go. First he counters the swing by getting his bat down in time and then manages to push it through the covers. Finds the gap and boundary. Herath is now 30 from 45 balls. 5 boundaries in that.10:47 IST: 64.3: M Shami to R Herath, FOUR! That is a terrific shot. Banged in short around off, Herath, who has not been troubled much by that length today, pulls it wide of mid on for a boundary. The lead is now 61, the stand moves to 32!1st Test. 59.3: U Yadav to R Herath (13), 4 runs, 214/7 #IndvSL #TeamIndia @Paytm- BCCI (@BCCI) November 19, 201710:14 IST: 56.6: M Shami to Perera, Not Out! Better late than never, goes the saying and it is apt in this scenario. Shami spears it on a length outside off, the ball comes in after pitching. Perera plays for the initial line and fails to account for the inward movement. The ball strikes him on the back pad. The Indians are pretty sure and begin celebrating while appealing. The umpire answers in the affirmative. Perera has a look at Herath and walks back without thinking about DRS. Strangely, he decides to take the review and turns around and makes the ‘T’ sign. Replays roll in. Hawk Eye shows that the impact is outside off and since he was offering a shot there, he is saved. A good use of the review one can say. But further replays show that he actually looked in the direction of the dressing room before opting to review. Now this isn’t in the spirit of the game. But the Indians and the umpires seem to have missed this. Hard to fathom how Mr. Llong missed that as his eyes were always on the batsman. Perera survives and is ready to carry on.10.13 IST: Shami to Perera, Perera’s a dead duck! He seems to be struck right in front of the stumps and he feels so too. Yet he opts to belatedly take the review and not out! Better late than never, goes the saying and it is apt in this scenario.10.05 IST: Bhuvneshwar to Herath, FOUR! Sri Lanka’s batsmen would now have realised that there are boundaries for the taking if you play it around Ashwin. Fuller delivery around middle and leg, Herath clips it through mid-wicket. Being fair to Ashwin, this was really well-timed. The ball races away to the fence.1st Test. 55.2: B Kumar to R Herath (5), 4 runs, 206/7 #IndvSL #TeamIndia @Paytm- BCCI (@BCCI) November 19, 201709.59 IST: Shami to Chandimal, OUT! Gone this time! The ball doesn’t fail to miss the edge of the bat this time and the Indians are hopping in joy as if small kids have been handed chocolates in plenty. Shami serves it full outside off and it swings away further. Chandimal looks to drive that but only manages a nick to Saha who doesn’t make any mistake. Sri Lanka’s batsmen are walking to the dressing room like children in a school. The lead still 29.54.2: WICKET! D Chandimal (28) is out, c Wriddhiman Saha b Mohammed Shami, 201/7- BCCI (@BCCI) November 19, 201709.58 IST: Bhuvneshwar to Shanaka, OUT! Yes he is gone! Plumb as it gets. Often one brings two and here’s the second! Kumar serves an inswinging length ball just outside off. Shanaka doesn’t anticipate it in so much and opts to let that go by shouldering his arms. The ball comes in and he gets hit on the knee-roll. The Indians go up in unison. The umpire takes ages to raise that dreaded finger. Dasun takes the DRS straightaway. Since he wasn’t offering a shot, the impact was never a question. Hawk Eye shows the ball to be clipping the top of middle. That signs Shanaka’s fate although they don’t lose the review.53.3: WICKET! D Shanaka (0) is out, lbw Bhuvneshwar Kumar, 201/6- BCCI (@BCCI) November 19, 201709.52 IST: All-rounder Dasun Shanaka is the next man in for Sri Lanka. This is a good time for him to get some confidence in Test match cricket as the Indians are on the back foot and it could be easier to score.09.49 IST: Shami to Dickwella, OUT! Mohammed Shami gets India the breakthrough. Dickwella gets tentative this one time and that ends his breezy knock today. Shami lands it on a length around off, from over the wicket. Dickwella plays inside the line anticipating some inward movement. But there wasn’t any. The ball takes the thick outside edge and goes to Kohli at second slip who takes it reverse-cupped right in front of his face. Replays show that the batter playing it with an angled bat let him down. Sri Lanka have lost half their side and are effectively 28/5.52.5: WICKET! N Dickwella (35) is out, c Virat Kohli b Mohammed Shami, 200/5- BCCI (@BCCI) November 19, 201709.47 IST: Shami to Dickewella, FOUR! And there’s that boundary that Sri Lanka are scoring almost every over. This is short, this is wide. Dickwella is too good to miss out on such opportunities. Slaps it through point for a boundary.1st Test. 52.3: M Shami to N Dickwella (35), 4 runs, 200/4 #IndvSL #TeamIndia @Paytm- BCCI (@BCCI) November 19, 2017 09.43 IST: Bhuvneshwar to Chandimal, FOUR! Another one of those edgy streaky boundaries in this innings. Kumar lands it just around off, Chandimal gets squared up a bit. Gets a thick outside edge that flies past the third slip and goes to the third man fence.1st Test. 51.4: B Kumar to D Chandimal (27), 4 runs, 196/4 #IndvSL #TeamIndia @Paytm- BCCI (@BCCI) November 19, 201709.42 IST: Bhuvneshwar to Chandimal, FOUR! Beautifully driven. Chandimal has been beaten by Kumar on numerous occasions yet he hasn’t let that affect him. Gets to the pitch of the ball and bisects the small gap between mid off and covers. It is so well timed that the ball speeds away to the fence.1st Test. 51.3: B Kumar to D Chandimal (23), 4 runs, 192/4 #IndvSL #TeamIndia @Paytm- BCCI (@BCCI) November 19, 201709.41 IST: 50-run stand between Chandimal and Dickwella. These two have come out with a positive intent this morning and the run-flow shows. Dickwella taps this in front of mid-wicket to rotate the strike.09.41 IST: Bhuvneshwar to Dickwella, FOUR! Dickwella goes aerial and connects. His plan to unsettle the Indian seamers early in the day seems to be working so far. Kumar bowls it full around middle and leg, the keeper-batsman just lifts it over wide mid on. The ball goes to the fence on a couple of bounces.1st Test. 51.1: B Kumar to N Dickwella (30), 4 runs, 187/4 #IndvSL #TeamIndia @Paytm- BCCI (@BCCI) November 19, 201709.37 IST: Shami to Chandimal, FOUR! Sometimes, the fielder chasing the ball can reveal the result of the shot. Speared around off and middle, Chandimal flicks it through mid-wicket. Ashwin from mid on runs after it but he knows it is well timed and hence gives up the chase.09.36 IST: Shami to continue.09.30 IST: Bhuvneshwar to Dickwella, No run. Sri Lanka 179/4 after 50 overs. Lead India (172) by 7 runs.09.30 IST: Shami to Dickwella, And Sri Lanka into the lead. Shortish delivery, Dickwella pulls it to the man at deep mid-wicket for a single.09.27 IST: Shami to Dickwella, FOUR! More timing than power and placement. Shami angles it in on a length around off. Dickwella just whips it uppishly over mid-wicket. The ball has enough legs to roll to the fence. Scores level now.1st Test. 48.2: M Shami to N Dickwella (19), 4 runs, 172/4 #IndvSL #TeamIndia @Paytm- BCCI (@BCCI) November 19, 201709.24 IST: This is why! Chandimal shows why it is a good ploy to have an extra man in the slip cordon. Kumar serves it just outside off, a hint of movement away from the batter there. Dinesh looks to drive it and the ball misses the edge by not much.09.23 IST: Beautiful bowling by Bhuvneshwar. Shaping the ball away from the Sri Lankan captain — forcing him to play them.09.23 IST: Bhuvi to continue. Now three slips and a gully in place for Chandimal.09.20 IST: Three runs from the over. The visitors are only four runs away from levlling the hosts’ score.09.17 IST: A fit and fine Mohammed Shami to bowl from the other end. Two slips and two gullies in place for him.09.13 IST: David Boon rings the bell today at the Eden Gardens to signal the start of the day today. The players and the umpires stride out to the middle, with the sun beating on them. There has been a pattern in the game so far – that of bowlers beginning the day with the pending over. Bhuvneshwar Kumar will do so today. Niroshan Dickwella will be facing him first up while Dinesh Chandimal is at the other end. Three slips in position. Here we go.09.11 IST: Fine tuning the final strategies.The huddle talk ahead of Day 4 #INDvSL BCCI (@BCCI) November 19, 201709.00 IST: Chandimal and Dickwella will have their work cut out in the first session but if they can negotiate that, it will be an easy pitch to bat on.08.49 IST: It’s bright and sunny at the Eden Gardens. The first session will be key for both the sides.08.47 IST: Bowlers will be key for India on the penultimate day.Hello and welcome to Day 4 of the 1st Test here at Eden Gardens #INDvSL BCCI (@BCCI) November 19, 2017 PREVIEW:Sri Lanka reached 165-4 in its first innings to trail India by only seven runs at stumps Saturday on Day 3 of the first test at Eden Gardens.Bad light forced an early end just after 4 p.m. local time with 24.2 overs remaining.Dinesh Chandimal was unbeaten on 13, while Niroshan Dickwella was 14 not out.India was earlier bowled out for 172 runs in its first innings of the three-test series. The hosts lost their last five wickets in the morning session as bad weather that had washed out most of the first two days finally gave way to sunshine.Sri Lanka reached tea at 113-2 and Lahiru Thirimanne (51) and Angelo Mathews (52) extended their third-wicket partnership after the interval to 99 runs. Thirimanne reached his fifth test half-century off 86 balls.Mohammed Shami (0/53) was unlucky not to get any breakthrough. That came at the other end as Umesh Yadav (2/50) had Thirimanne caught at second slip.Mathews then reached his 28th test half-century off 88 balls. Shortly after, he became Yadav’s second dismissal, chipping a simple catch to Lokesh Rahul at cover.last_img read more

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