All about the brain: 6D Helmets expands into XC/enduro MTB market

first_imgHelmet technology and safety have been top-of-mind topics in the action sports (and mainstream sports) world for quite some time, with many athletes experiencing life-altering changes from multiple head impacts over time.6D Helmets has created what it is billing as the most advanced solution to this problem, starting in the motorcycle market, moving to BMX and downhill, and now expanding into the XC/enduro mountain bike market with the ATB-1 Trail Helmet.The helmet’s patented design features Omni-Directional Suspension (ODS), which uses multiple Elastomeric Isolation Dampeners. These dampeners stand between two separate EPS Foam liners (most helmets only have one) to soften the blow of low-speed impacts, and reduce the transfer of angular acceleration due to oblique impacts. According to 6D, angular acceleration is the primary cause of concussive injuries in sports. Independent labs have reportedly confirmed that 6D’s ODS technology can significantly reduce the transfer of energy to the brain of the athlete over multiple injury metrics including linear and angular acceleration, Head Injury Criteria (HIC), and over time.The booth is on display at the Sea Otter cycling festival, at Booth 608 on the outer ring of the lake at the Sea Otter Relatedlast_img read more

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