How motivation helps in achieving goals: A Silicon Valley story

first_imgMotivation is the desire to achieve a goal or a certain level of performance. Environmental factors such as having the resources, information, and support one needs to perform well are critical to determining the performance. Let’s take the example of early-stage startups. The founder was working with a tech giant in silicon, and he had a great idea of starting lossless compression software and services. The CEO of the company offered millions to buy his plan, but he declined the offer. His co-workers, managers, and others suggested that he keep working on the idea, and he had all the necessary resources and environment. One of the company’s vice presidents joined him for management & consulting, and then he resigned to pursue his startup idea. The context here was his co-workers, office resources, and silicon valley culture to make this world a better place and that motivated him to pursue his vision.Motivation gives rise to thinking and cognition, and the mind starts to process the information in a precise fashion. The environment has a significant impact on how information is processed. Continuing the example from the previous part, the founder started searching for different products and services that he can offer to companies and the public. After processing all the feedbacks and surveys, he launched a 4K video streaming platform. The beta platform was a massive hit as it was providing a glitch-free video streaming experience. The environment here was rising fad towards high definition video streaming and algorithm implementation that worked with all limited resources to build a beta platform.The phase of judgment starts after proper motivation to achieve something, and successful information search and processing paves the way to resolution. A kind environment supports the process of understanding, whereas a hostile environment sometimes pushes a person or an organization back to information search and processing. In the case of this startup after the completion of beta testing they wanted to diversify and launch more products, many investors came forward to support and help them in launching new services, so this environment massively impacted their decision to launch a variety of products and services including cryptocurrency platform, online gaming services, etc.Decision making is a sort of actionable judgment. In the case of an organization, individuals work together to achieve favourable outcomes. The environment with recognition, empowerment, technical competence, employee participation, organizational commitment, and a sense of belonging always thrives with effective decision making. In the case of my example, the startup founder always focused on team effort to make decisions. After deliberating with all employees, he decided to start with the new internet and a storage device.The cycle of motivation to judgment ends at decision making and the consequence of all these sorts of determines behaviour. The environment in this behavioural sense is of two types kind and wicked. If a person gets treated equally and has a sense of doing something good for the organization or personal level, wickedness is just the opposite. In my example, one of the employees was doing well in the workplace and, in his life, came up with an idea of launching a smartphone and startup launched with the new internet.The environment has a significant impact on feedback. We can ask questions about feedback when we have a supportive and kind atmosphere, and feedback is necessary in either case, i.e., individual and organizational level. So taking the startup’s example, they received feedback from every employee and improved the quality of software and other services. The cardless and secure payment system was revamped after the input from the user group.Emotions are also useful for creative tasks because positive individuals tend to be more creative and open to new ideas. With a kind environment, we can have more people with positive emotions. The startup is revolutionizing the world, and the employees of the company and people have a positive feeling attached to this company, it’s the core idea, products, and services.last_img read more

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