2004 Holiday Message

first_imgAs the Queen’s representative in Nova Scotia, and on behalf of myhusband, Larry, and our family, it is my pleasure to extendSeason’s Greetings from Government House to you and yourfamilies. The holiday season is a time to reflect on the past year, and tothink about others before ourselves. Some of my fondest memories of 2004 are of the Nova Scotians Ihave met who continually put the needs of others and theircommunities before themselves. These individuals are doingextraordinary things to make our communities and our provinceeven better. I’ve met people from all walks of life who areoffering their unique gifts for the greater good; energetic youthwho are fighting for a more just society; and wise elders whocontinue to teach the ways of peace. Each person is aninspiration to those around them. They are the unsung heroes inour midst. In my work as lieutenant-governor, I have made a commitment toNova Scotian youth. I want them to realize their full potential. Iwant them to be empowered to move forward with confidence so thatthey too can help strengthen our Nova Scotia communities, todayand in the future. The very things that make our province what it is — our diversecultures, beautiful scenery, reputable educational institutions,competitive business climate and dynamic arts and cultureenvironment — are what draw people from around the world to NovaScotia. The Acadian History Through Art exhibition, held at GovernmentHouse in tribute to l’Annee de l’Acadie, attracted more than24,000 people. Many visited the exhibit during the Congrèsmondial acadien, a world-class event that gave Acadians anopportunity to meet, exchange and honour their culture. TheCongrès marked the resilience and strength of our Acadianancestors. As I fulfil my duties as lieutenant-governor, the pride that allNova Scotians have in this province becomes more evident to me.That pride shines through the thousands of volunteers who work toenrich their communities — volunteers such as those who helpedmake Tall Ships 2004 the spectacular event it was. Portsthroughout the province hosted tall ships this summer and provedthat Nova Scotians are proud to extend warm hospitality and sharethe blessing of friendship. Nova Scotians continue to demonstrate their compassion forothers. During the blizzard of last winter and the most recentwinter storm, many neighbours helped those in need in theircommunity. In November, I had the special opportunity to attend the HumanRights Commission’s interfaith breakfast which marked the Day ofReflection on Compassion and Community. That event focused on therole that compassion and understanding play in enriching ourlives and leading to diverse, successful communities. At this special time of year, we must also give thanks to the menand women in the Canadian Forces who are serving overseas. Theircourage and sacrifice helps to ensure a better tomorrow for ourchildren and grandchildren. On behalf of all Nova Scotians, thankyou. As we look forward to a new year, let us also remember those inour midst who are experiencing ill health, personal loss orchallenging circumstances. Let us affirm the basic dignity owedto all our neighbours and do our best to reach out and supportthose in need. My wish for all Nova Scotians at this time is one of happiness,good health and love of family and friends. May each one of youshare in the joy of this holiday season and have a safe andprosperous new year. -30-last_img read more

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