Province Launches Coyote Pelt Incentive Program

first_img The Department has hired a wildlife biologist to focus on human wildlife conflict, is training 15 trappers to target aggressive coyotes; and is developing an enhanced education program about avoiding coyotes. The pelt incentive program enhances a partnership with the Trappers’ Association of Nova Scotia and nuisance wildlife operators by adding a $20 for pelts sold to fur buyers by harvesters. The incentive — which will run until the end of trapping season on March 31 — is designed to increase participation by trappers but is also available to all licenced hunters. “This is a proactive approach to help reduce the problem of aggressiveness towards humans in the coyote population. Additionally, our officials will examine these coyotes to determine any factors which might help explain why we are seeing more coyote-human interaction.” The department has received more reports of aggressive coyotes than usual this year. “Our officials have removed over a dozen potentially dangerous coyotes from school properties and other public areas since April and we will continue to do so as necessary,” said Mr. MacDonell. Gary Fisher, president of the Trappers Association of Nova Scotia, says his members fully support this initiative. “I’ve been talking to many trappers who were inactive that are coming back to trap this year, thanks to the pelt incentive,” said Mr. Fisher. “Aggressive coyotes can be a danger to the public. I’m optimistic this program will help reduce that problem.” The department reminds pet owners to keep pets under supervision when in wildlife habitat, particularly during trapping season. People should contact local Department of Natural Resources offices when coyotes or other nuisance wildlife create a concern for human safety, destruction of property, or a diseased or injured animal is found. A list of local offices can be found at: . Encounters may also reported by calling 1-800-565-2224. The coyote pelt incentive program to help protect Nova Scotians from aggressive coyotes will begin today, Oct. 15 with the start of the annual trapping season. The pelt incentive, announced by Natural Resources Minister John MacDonell in April, is included in a four-part approach to reduce aggressive coyote behavior and make communities safer. “These steps will help protect the public from aggressive coyotes, while re-instilling a fear of humans in the animals,” said Mr. MacDonell. “Even with these additional measures in place, I still urge people to heed the advice of wildlife experts to reduce the risk of a confrontation.” For more information on coyotes in Nova Scotia, visit read more

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