Italian Handball Federation Elections Quo Vadis Pallamano

Italian handballpallamano On the 29th and 30th October, the Italian handball community will go back to vote to choose the new president of the local federation ( Luigi Montauti ( will be the challenger to the current president, Francesco Purromuto who has been in charge of the federation for the last 15 years.On one side Pier Luigi Montauti will bring around many years of experience in managing a local club, being a past member of the federation board and the creator of the second most popular handball youth tournament in the world, the Interamnia Cup.On the other side instead, the current president, Francesco Purromuto will try again to run the federation for four extra years.Indeed in weeks before elections’ time, Italian handball fans have been venting their frustration and unhappiness on popular Facebook groups and websites about the deep crisis, which has been hitting hard the sport for many years. They put that down to a lack of accountability and proper planning on the federation.A public protest will be taking place on Thursday outside the Rome federation offices.Meanwhile, the federation through press releases and a TV interview by Franco Chionchio, the men’s national team coach, claims that good results have been met in the last couple of years.Without any doubt the Futura Esercito Rome project, which created from scratch a group of young women players who this year had joined the Top Slovenian League, has been growing gradually, showing hopes for the future of Italian handball.So without any doubt, the sport in Italy has reached a crossroad: on the 30th October we will know what direction handball will be heading to in the next four years.Italian handball website and FB group following elections daily:!/groups/465151823529132/LUCA DEL BIANCO ← Previous Story Poland Superleague: “Oilers” easily win in Zabrze Next Story → Serbs starts EHF EURO 2014 campaign without Ilić, Čutura, Marković and Beljanski read more

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